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An incredible combination of the power of rock 'n roll and the power of the grand piano. Taking from all influences, this is a unique expression and experience of rock 'n roll. Combining classical, jazz and blues into a montage of sounds and rhythms and applying this technique to some of the greatest rock 'n roll songs ever recorded gives you a musical experience you will remember and treasure.


Bob Goldstick is an amazing piano player with many years of experience playing all kinds of music in all kinds of places. Over the years he developed this approach to his favorite rock and roll songs. Kind of mixing Brubeck with the Beatles gives you Good Day Sunshine in 5/4 rhythm. The melody lines in Layla provide for a very beautiful rendition on the piano that concludes with the piano inspired ending that can brings chills to you when you are listening to an old song in a brand new way.

The best way to know is to listen. Here are some links:

Good Day Sunshine

Black Magic Woman,

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You,

Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out

 Voodoo Child (slight return) with video score

Reviews from Youtube video:

cious li2 years ago

Damn it you crazy old man! I'm listening to this song regularly since i found it. What's needed to play hendrix in my opinion is this beast attitude, this feeling as if you are a force of nature, shaking the instrument in every way possible, not playing notes but creating sound that is acting like a living being, and even noise when needed.

Cami Shaolin

Added a bit of your own gave it soul, that was amazing!!!! Muchas Gracias por el video!
Bill McGonigle
wow, your speed and accuracy are most impressive!




Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Review from YouTube video

I had to watch it again today bro...this is awsome ...i wish u never die bcuz this is prolly the best piano improv ive ever heard
Its just amazing!!!!!! You are so good!!!!!You are great!!!!!!Just wonderfull!!!! Thank you for this 6 minutes of pleasure!!!!!!!!
joey bagodonuts
you are totally amazing you put so much heart into that awesome song that was just incredible,... yea the world needs to hear your playing for sure FANTASTIC!!!




Bob at the Piano






 Music for Seniors Bob Goldstick has been performing in nursing homes and retirement facilities for over 20 years bringing back “the best memories of their lives” to people who really need a musical pick-me-up.

                                    Watch KTCS PBS Seattle Show about Bob's show


watch piano lounge songs on YouTube

Selection of Songs from Piano Bar Show

St. Louis Woman   Story and Nature Boy


Listen to Solo Piano songs on YouTube

All The Things You Are           Am I Blue


Musical Cruise Steel DrumWhether performing as a solo act at a pool party in your backyard to a trio with bass and drums, you’ll hear all of the traditional Caribbean songs as well as many others from the jazz and rock songbook  that take on a whole new flavor when played on a steel drum with the island rhythms. It is very hard to sit still!

Listen to Solo Performance (Steel Drum with backing tracks)

         Mary Ann           Mambo #5            Nature Boy


Amelia and Bob at gig


Watch trio performances from a show at Habitat for Humanity in Oakland, 2011


      Short selections on YouTube    Brown Eyed Girl       La Bamba    


HYbrid - Hammond Organ jazz with an edge

Bringing his experience in jazz, blues and rock 'n roll into one exciting presentation of music give new life to many of your favorite songs. This isn't fusion of one style with another, this is the hybridization of many styles into one organism.

     Billie's Bounce               Manic Depression           Daddy's Home












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