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After 25 years of performing shows in nursing homes and 50 years of performing piano bars everywhere I have seen the amazing effect a piano player can have in any situation.

The solo piano creates an atmosphere that feels intimate and people gather round it. If there is a piano player – there is a party. I know this because I have been the piano player and seen the party happen.

Now technology means that we can all have a solo piano player.

This it not the same as having the piano recorded and played on a sound system or having an app on your phone where you can choose a song and play it.

The performance is generated in real time so there is a different level of involvement with the audience. I don't know why this is so. I just know it is. Pressing play on the piano that starts the piano sound has a different effect than playing a CD or music file. It is more fun for a singer to use and more practical.


A singer can change the key and tempo for every song to match up with their voice.


A song like I Can't Give You Anything But Love can be performed as an up tempo swing song or a real slow ballad. Both can be entertaining and different singers will make different choices. That ability adds a whole new level of spontaneity in the performance. The joy is for the singers and the audience.


These piano tracks are ones that I have created and used often during my own performance. They are not perfect but they are musical, exciting and allow for a singer to really express themselves with the music. Once you've tried it, you will know.


Here's how it works . The piano is loaded with 70 songs and here's a list with the song title and number on the piano. SONGLIST

Choose the song you want to sing. then pick that number

press play ....music starts …... start singing


It is not computerized, it is not a whole band, it is just the simple rhythm and harmony that provide the basis for someone to sing the song. The music doesn't get in the way of the singer.


There are 70 songs provided with a version with the melody so you can learn the song and a version without the melody so you can perform the song.

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 This one item can bring the magic of live music to everyone. Just add someone who likes to sing!!! To get the piano player to start........

Just Press Play



Anyone who works, lives or visits regularly can add a musical experience to their visit. Everything from gathering everyone for a first class musical performance to moving the piano next to a resident and singing a quiet song.

I am not sure why and would be very happy for anyone who can help describe it, but the actual presence of the piano creating music live makes it different that just playing a CD or any precorded device. The piano is actually playing the song same as the old style player pianos.

Here are just examples of how you can use the Just Press Play system

  1. Daily sing-a-long – anyone can lead a sing-a-long. All of the songs are provided with a melody version and just choose from the sample set list and most people will know the songs well enough to sing-a-long. People singing together is always of good experience. Ask the folks for their favorite songs. People that came to the piano bar 4 or 5 nights a week always wanted to hear their same favorite songs           
  2. Musical Show – Within the family of all of the residents, family, caregivers, volunteers, friends there are some musicians and frankly, everyone can sing. All they need is the desire to want to entertain the residents and there is a choice of 10 or 15 songs that they can learn to perform and both entertain the residents and having a “I am a star” moment. It's like karaoke only with a real purpose. Providing a good show for folks who can really use it.



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